Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The definition of the word "you" has been changed

Today I received an email from Wells Fargo (the bank) telling me my online agreement has changed. Apparently the definition of the word "you" has been changed. Ah... lawyers.

Wells Fargo provided a summary of the changes that they have made. The first change is the following:

The definitions of the following words and phrases: “You,” “Authorized Representative,” “Eligible Account,” “Service,” and “Website.” We have also added a new definition for “Delegate Tool.” (See Definitions).

In the updated online access agreement I can now see that "you" means the following:

"You" or "your" means, as applicable, each Owner of an Eligible Account, a person applying for an Eligible Account, any Investment Management & Trust (IM&T) account Eligible Beneficiary entitled to online access, or a Delegate.

Now I am wondering what "you" meant yesterday.

Friday, December 23, 2011

In Brooklyn We Call Them Chicken Paws

I have never seen chicken feet referred to as "chicken paws" until today. If the grocery store is looking to elevate the item, this is definitely not a stroke of genius on par with renaming Patagonian toothfish as Chilean sea bass.

Chicken Paws, $1.69 per pound just in time for your holiday feast.