Friday, August 26, 2011

Attempted Mid-flight Overhead Storage Space Theft

Having a bulkhead seat is always great, especially the extra legroom and the ability to come and go from a window seat without disturbing the people sitting next to you.

But it comes at a price. One, you might be near the toilets, which can get pretty disgusting, especially when there are vegans on the plane.

And it also means you have to deal with some pretty limited overhead storage and no under-seat storage. People who get these seats are often frequent fliers, so they know this, and they rush to get on the plane to claim this previous commodity.

On a recent flight I was in just this situation, and I managed to get enough space for my bags. During the flight I got one of my bags and just left it I'm front of me rather than return it to the overhead bin.

About 6 or 7 hours into the flight I noticed another passenger in the same row get up and start going through all of the overhead bins, which I found a little strange. At the same time my laptop battery was running low. I packed my bag up and returned it to the overhead bin.

Thirty seconds later the passenger who was looking through the bins returned with his own rolling bag, which he apparently retrieved from farther back in the cabin. He looked at the formerly empty space with disappointment. He was going to take my space!

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Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

WTF...You can afford carry on?
You must be Ballin'.

I'm heading to nYc shortly & the airline is charging like $60 for 1 carry on bag roundtrip.

Still undecided if I'll bring a bag or buy all new shyt when I get there.