Friday, November 26, 2010

The Most Important Gift Catalog In The World

A couple weeks ago I received in the mail "The Most Important Gift Catalog In The World". I wish I had some way of contacting Dell, LL Bean, Victoria's Secret, and every other company that sends me catalogs on a weekly basis to let them know that Heifer International has unilaterally decided that Heifer International's catalog is the superior gift catalog.

Is this some sort of bestiality-bondage catalog?

And in case this post is leaving anyone on my holiday gift list either worried or elated at the prospect of receiving a goat, llama, water buffalo, or bees from me, don't be. This is a charity catalog.


ettible said...

I asked my family to donate to Heifer on my behalf this year! Mostly because it's fun to ask for a goat for Christmas.

I gave my grandmother a flock of ducks for Christmas a few years ago, and I think she was pissed.

Ells (aka Serialmono) said...

A girl at work got an international heifer.

She's a vegetarian. Wasn't so stoked on the gift.