Friday, September 3, 2010


Chinese might be an amusing language for English-speakers, with all of its "wangs", "wongs" and "dongs", but Danish is no slouch either. Consider the Danish word for "final sprint", which I noticed on the sign of a clothing store in Copenhagen.


A Google image search for "slutspurt" reveals that I am hardly the first person to have noticed this word. And it comes as no surprise that adding a space after the first T results in an entirely different variety of pictures.


ettible said...

I don't know why spurt didn't seem like a real word to me at first.

I liked the idea of slutsport, though.

Jack said...

So were you disappointed when you walked into the store and they informed you of the true meaning of the sign?

Unknown said...

No, Jack. Not disappointed so much as embarrassed.

Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

PD, Spurt & Squirt have been used in my vocab since 7th grade. You can't talk about sex without using one of those two words...well, at least I can't.

Jack, it doesn't take much to embarrass Adam. Sure he's like 45 but mentally he's 16.

Whatever both of you do...
DO NOT explain to him where babies come from!