Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Danish Hair Shirt

I just returned from Copenhagen, and aside from the joy of being reunited with my beloved Kelley, the thing I'm most relieved to be reconnected with are two conveniences that I hardly believe deserve to be called conveniences: shower curtains and towels.

I'll be brief with the shower curtain thing, because it's something that I've experienced a few times in Europe. When you don't install shower curtains, your bathroom gets flooded - EVERY TIME. Even the biggest slobs I know prefer to avoid that sort of mess. Even in a country where modern office buildings have holes in the ground instead of flushing toilets, showers have curtains.

Now, the towels... this is not a European thing at all. This is the hotel I stayed at. And I don't have a problem with the hotel. It has a rustic cabin meets Nordic design feel to it that's pretty cool. The last time I stayed there I had a nice room, and a bathroom that was so large the shower was able to flood only half of it. I don't even remember the towels.

Sustainable Basics towels are basically awful.

Something changed since February. They got these new towels, which have all of the qualities of a burlap sack (the look, the feel and the absorbency) and only one of the qualities of a towel (it fits on a towel rack).

Return like a shirt that's two sizes too large.

And slapping the word "sustainable" and "hand-made in India" doesn't make me more willing to accept these as towels. At some point we have to define the limits of our commitment to future generations. I think this is a good place to start.

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