Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Talhotblond now available on DVD

Talhotblond is now available for your home viewing pleasure - including from Netflix. I strongly recommend you rent it. And I even more strongly recommend you NOT read any reviews of it. Except mine, because I don't spoil the ending.


Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

Damn dude again with this show!
What's with you and this TalHotBlond news story?

You're acting like this damn thing is Avatar 3D or something. lol

Unknown said...

With a title like "Talhotblond" I'm surprised you're making any comments at all other than "Dude, it's on backorder! Does anyone have a copy I can borrow??!!"

ettible said...

Oh, awesome. Even better if it was on streaming.

I passed a Starbucks poster yesterday, actually, that said "tall, hot, and brewed", and it made me think of this movie and how I really need to see it.