Monday, January 4, 2010

You Should See Talhotblond

I take back every disparaging word I've muttered under my breath and every time I rolled my eyes at Kelley as she watched what seemed to be an endless variety of true crime stories on an equally endless variety of basic cable channels. I was misguided. Now I understand that. She was, as usual, right.

What I didn't get is pretty simple really. When you're drilling for oil you probably end up with a lot of empty holes. That doesn't mean there isn't oil under there somewhere. Most of the time there isn't, but you might just hit black gold. And that's just what happened last night with Talhotblond.

In my own defense, I must say that a lot of the shows she watches are pretty bad. For example, before we were rewarded with Talhotblond we endured Held Hostage, a Lifetime dramatization of a true story that, despite featuring dynamite and its possible application to a child as a form of punishment, still managed to thoroughly disappoint.

Kelley just stumbled upon a documentary titled Talhotblond on MSNBC last night. She settled on it as soon as she realized it involved murder. I started paying attention because of the strange way the story of a murder was being told. It almost seemed like the narrator was mocking individuals involved in the story. He kept explaining that someone ends up dead, but his delivery style was incongruous with this sad ending.

Here's how the documentary describes itself:

Talhotblond is the true story (and screen name) of a beautiful teenage vixen who uses Internet game rooms to lure men into her cyberspace web.

When she discovers she's been double crossed and lied to by one of her victims, she wants revenge, and unleashes a fantasy on line that escalates into real life murder... all because of a girl no one ever met in person.

Not another internet pervert story...

I assumed this would be just another of those To Catch A Predator stories, featuring gross, creepy, disturbing and pathetic characters. The people in Talhotblond are definitely gross, creepy, disturbing and pathetic, but these people have elevated strange behavior to an art. No matter how questionable your own online exploits may be, they are nothing compared to what these people did.

When the story's final twist was revealed, Kelley and I both screamed "NO WAY!" It's the kind of story that, had nobody been hurt, would make you laugh your ass off. Instead, it's a really sad reminder of how dangerous and unpredictable people can be.

Now I purposefully haven't included a link to the Talhotblond website. I wouldn't have enjoyed the show nearly as much had I known anything about it, especially the ending. The site is easy enough to find if you want to read about it, but I strongly recommend watching the documentary before you do.


ettible said...

I've tried finding both the torrent and the YouTube video of this with no luck, you tease.

I love "To Catch a Predator", though, bigtime. Except for the part where the police inevitably take down the predator outside the house with totally unnecessary forcefulness. The men are stupid and gross, but the cops are stupider and grosser.

Unknown said...

Put in a special order with one of the guys on Whitehall selling movies. Or try Netflix, or check MSNBC to see when they are going to rebroadcast the show. It's a travesty of programming if they don't.

Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

Lol, I'm so mad that when I turned to it...I saw the surprise ending.

I only was able to see about 2 minutes of the show but it just happened to be the surprise ending.

That'll teach me to change to a show with only 2 minutes remaining of the program!!

Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

Dude do you really watch Lifetime?

Please leave your man card on the table and get out....Now!!

Unknown said...

Am I exaggerating the awesomeness of the ending?

Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

Lol, I really don't know.
I didn't see any of the build up.

This is the equivalent of me opening up the book War and Peace. Turning to the last page and reading the last sentence.
Then you asking me so how was the book.


I do really wish I would seen the whole program, just because of the way you're hopping around flapping your feathers around about it.

Unknown said...

No, it would be like if I asked you how you liked the last sentence of War And Peace.