Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Cat Was Never Sexually Molested

Some people out there would have you believe that, prior to being adopted by me, that my cat was abused by a sex offender in Oregon. Not just abused, but sexually abused. There is no evidence whatsoever to support this claim.

I was never molested.  Now, can you please leave me alone?

The rumor started because one person heard an animal abuse story from a probation officer. Through the power of this person's imagination - and imagination alone - the victim of this story became my cat. Almost 10 years later this person continues to besmirch the reputation of my pet for her amusement.

My cat was never sexually abused. The reason why my cat was surrendered to the Oregon Humane Society seems to have been that her owner got a dog.

Taffeta's adoption record.

Don't believe me? I was doing some cleaning this morning and I found the original paperwork I received when I took her home. Of course, I don't expect the lies about my cat to stop any more than I expect that certain OTHER people will stop incorrectly calling the Astoria Column the Astor Column, but a man can dream.

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