Sunday, December 13, 2009

Facebook Status

A lot of status updates in Facebook are pretty uninteresting. Yes, I'm talking about you TGIF!!! A status like Friday!!! is not even uninteresting. At least with TGIF!!! a person is expressing his thankfulness that it's Friday. Friday!!! is just announcing a fact that most people are already aware of.

However, every now and then something interesting is posted. I should have posted this back when it happened, but better late than never.

Cute exchange

What really made this status hilarious is that the person who set it wasn't even in New York City. She had recently moved to New York. She thought she was living in New York City. She was telling everyone she was living in New York City. She wasn't. She was living in Long Island, which, to someone actually living in New York City, is "the country".

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