Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dumpy The Ghetto Snowman

The other day a snowstorm dumped over a foot of snow in New York. This gave people in the city a new, temporary outlet for their creativity.

Dumpy the Ghetto Snowman

One of our neighbors made Dumpy the ghetto snowman. His face was made of broken pieces of plastic gathered from the street. He wore a cap made of a dirty bowl and a scarf made of a discarded towel. He carried a broom, which is a somewhat ironic accessory because, had the broom actually been used in the neighborhood, Dumpy would have been faceless and naked.

As is the fate of all snowmen, Dumpy diminishes daily. Soon he will revert to the same pile of trash from which he was fashioned. And before long, the litter that once adorned Dumpy's cheerless face will find some new way of entertaining the children of Brooklyn. Probably as the raw materials for sharpened weapons that can be used to rob other children of their Christmas gifts.

1 comment:

Mike Lowrey said...

Ha.. you call that a ghetto snowman!
Your hood is pansy ass...

In my hood, the snowman would have had a crackpipe in his mouth, bullet holes, and blood stains.
We named our snowman, "Get Rich or Die Tryin"!

Now that's hood!