Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Drug Abuse + Incest > Work

It doesn't matter how busy I might be, if I take a short break from work to check Google News and I see a headline like Mackenzie Phillips details drug use and incest in new memoir, I click the link. It also doesn't matter the news source. Usually my brain doesn't even register links from Entertainment Weekly (sort of like how a dog can't see the color red).

Google News selected this story specifically for me.

But that was just a teaser. As I scrolled down just a bit, I saw an even more scandalous headline from MTV: Mackenzie Phillips Claims Father Raped, Drugged Her.


Kelley said...

I've set the DVR to record Oprah today.
drug abuse + daddy sex > chores, dinner, petting cat

Unknown said...

But what about the fact that:

chores, dinner, petting cat > Oprah

I'm not sure if the following is true:

drug abuse + daddy sex + Oprah > chores, dinner, petting cat

Kelley said...

The truth will come out when I come home and hear Taffeta and your stomach yowling, and see the garbage hasn't been taken out.

plumpdumpling said...

You know who called me today just to tell me this news?

Adam Crawford.

So weird. And when I Googled it after our conversation, I spelled her name McKinsey. Which may be weirder.

Unknown said...

That explains it. Google must have confused me with him and gave me his news. What a sicko he must be to have Google presenting him with stories like that!

Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

Could it be possible that since Adam is not capable of giving Kelley a break and making dinner with the 3 fingers and 1 thumb he has remaining on his hands that:

Adam = Loser

Please Solve:

A.C. + Plumpdumpling = BFF

Plumpdumpling + A.C. + watching a silly ass Oprah show together = crazyinsane