Friday, August 21, 2009

Things That Missouri Probably Doesn't Need

Someone came up with the idea for a Coast Guard recruiting station in Kansas City, Missouri. Someone approved the idea. Someone made the idea a reality. And today, thanks to these unnamed public servants, in a strip mall near the Kansas City International Airport, there is a Coast Guard recruiting center.

Coast Guard recruiting office in Kansas City

The most logical part of the whole thing is that the recruiting center is located near an airport, considering the city's proximity to large bodies of water:
  • Lake Michigan: 430 miles
  • Gulf of Mexico: 650 miles
  • Atlantic Ocean: 930 miles
  • Pacific Ocean: 1,130 miles


plumpdumpling said...

Makes perfect sense to me. I was raised only a couple hundred miles from water, and I still thought it was, like, the most romantic thing ever. The idea of living away from it makes me a little sick to my stomach now.

Unknown said...

Most people who live that far away from water do that because they are deathly afraid of it. They boiled their own water away long ago.