Monday, May 18, 2009


The recent California and Texas earthquakes reminded me of my first earthquake experience. My mom was visiting me in Portland, Oregon in 2001. One day she asked me if Portland ever has earthquakes. Rather than explain that, yes, there are earthquakes but it's nothing like California, I said no.

Well, the next day - literally - there was an earthquake. Nothing major, but it was enough to cause me to lose all geologic credibility with my mom.

And with that little anecdote, I offer more tectonic humor, this time, in the form of a woman's account of the recent California earthquake.



Mrs. Jacks said...

This shows that a Mom can't even believe what her own son tells her. Shame on you Adam!

Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

I'm disappointed in you Adam!
Not only do you lie to your Mom every chance you get but then you get your blog ideas by reading my blog!! Read My Post Here!

Unknown said...

You got the idea to blog from ME! What's next: you going to complain that I'm copying you by using the word "blog" on my blog?