Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sign Language, Part 2

While walking around lately I've noticed a couple of good signs. The first is from a doctor's office near Kelley's work. I know that making a joke about Dr. Charles C. Kwak's name and profession is about as creative as posing with the bull statue near Wall Street, but it's still funny.

Dr. Kwak, board-certified dermatologist.

Kelley gets credit for noticing this one. On Saturday we went to Thanh Da (in Sunset Park) for dinner. Next door is an Internet cafe. The business is probably named "Hot Game Network Inc.". Oops.

Hot Game Nework Inc.


plumpdumpling said...

Even after you wrote out the name of the Internet place, it still took me a minute to catch the mistake. So they're probably safe.

But seriously, how can you blame people for the bull pictures? I'm lucky I never saw it during one of my pre-living-here visits, or you know I'd have gone crazy.

Kelley said...

It might really be a misspelling of the city of "Newark," where stolen video games are traded for weapons.