Friday, April 17, 2009

Hour of Power

Even non-travelers have heard about the various of budget cuts that have decimated airline amenities. First it was charging for meals. Then they started charging extra for coach seats closer to the front of the plane. Next came charging to check luggage. Some airlines tried to charge for water and soda, but that didn't last. British airline Ryanair recently suggested it will start charging to use the toilet.

An hour of power for $2.

This week I took a business trip to Kansas City for the week. At the airport there I saw a heretofore unknown money-generating device: pay-to-activate power outlets. My initial annoyance gave way to acceptance. After all, many airports don't have any outlets for travelers to use while they wait to board. At least you have an option in Kansas City

Or do you? So even if you were willing to pay for power, you couldn't because the machine was broken.

I abhor fart jokes, but seriously...

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