Monday, March 16, 2009

South Ferry Station 2009

After watching construction from my office window for 4 years, the new South Ferry subway station opened today. The old station opened in 1905. According to the MTA's press release, the last time a brand new subway station was opened in New York City was in 1989.

Here are some pictures of the old and the new.

The platform at the old station was small, cramped and terribly noisy.

When trains arrived, the platform was crowded with people.

Metal grates would extend when the train's doors opened so passengers wouldn't fall through the large gap between the train and the platform.

What passengers saw when they arrived at the old station.

The new station this morning, before it was officially opened.

The platform at the new station.

Incredible mosaic by Doug and Mike Starn.

"See It Split, See It Change" by Doug and Mike Starn.


Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

It's about freakin' time. I can remember that after 9/11 we didn't know if the large explosions were the MTA digging in the tunnel for the new station or Bin Laden.

Is the station cooler than the old one because in the summer the old station would easily hit flesh melting temperatures?

Anonymous said...

Funnily enough, I feel a sense of sentimentality toward the old station looking at these. No more grating metal sound as the train pulls into the station, no more extending platform. So sad.