Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Pictures (and a homeless man's shoes)

The only thing these pictures really have in common is that I have seen the objects in Brooklyn within the past month. And that I thought there was something strange about them when I took them.

The first picture is of a family riding the subway. Each member of the family - including the infant in the stroller - had his face buried in his own electronic device.

The modern family.

My next picture is of items for sale on Coney Island Ave the day before Valentine's Day 2009. Coney Island Ave is not a comely street to begin with, so it takes a lot to stand out as hideous. They are cheap teddy bears wrapped up with miscellaneous pieces of plastic junk. I'm not sure which is more pathetic: the man who thinks his lady will enjoy one, or the woman who beams with delight when it is delivered.

Nothing says "I love you" like a teddy bear you picked up on Coney Island Ave.

My last picture I didn't take. Kelley did. She saw these shoes sitting in the stairwell of our apartment.

Who leaves shoes in the stairwell?

That night, Kelley and I returned home together. As we unlocked the door to our apartment building, I saw what appeared to be a man lying in the hallway.

My first thought was "there's a dead man by our mailbox!" I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I thought this with a slight bit of excitement. I've never seen a dead body. I didn't want the man to be dead, but if he was dead, I was glad to be there to see it. And to take a picture.

We approached the man and determined he wasn't the unconscious victim of a heart, but a homeless man passed out in our lobby. I still wanted to take a picture, but all of a sudden I felt a great deal of shame for wanting to take a picture of this man. Or maybe it was fear that he'd wake up as I was taking the photo and fly into a homeless rage. Yeah, it was definitely the latter.

Kelley wanted to let the man sleep, but I insisted on calling the police. We can't have a homeless stranger sleeping in our lobby. Kelley went upstairs to get a plastic bag for his things. As she was leaving the stairwell, she noticed the shoes again and realized to whom they belonged.

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Anonymous said...

Who's feet did the shoes belong to? The homeless guy? Were they from Jacks maybe?