Thursday, March 19, 2009

Muffin Top

Yesterday I wrote about Kelley's selflessness. Today, I am writing about her selfishness. The other day I baked some muffins. This morning, I noticed two were left. I packed them for my lunch. When I went to eat the muffins, however, I noticed that part of one was missing.

My lunch consisted of Kelley's scraps.

When I confronted her, she laughed and explained "I only wanted the top!"

1 comment:

Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

Adam, what Kelley is trying to inform you something that you insist on denying.

It's something that we all know about you, but you fail to admit it to yourself.

Adam....You are a "Bottom"!!!

Live with it and hang a rainbow flag outside your window my friend.