Sunday, March 8, 2009

Is New York Expensive?

In 1789, Benjamin Franklin famously wrote "Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."

From my experience, there is another thing that is certain. When I am talking to someone who has never lived in - or visited - New York, I can count on being asked the following question: is New York expensive?

The answer is yes. And the answer is more interesting when an example is provided, the more outrageous the better. Last month I was at the Whole Foods in Tribeca and I noticed they were selling eggs for $29.99 each.

You are looking at $300 worth of eggs.

To be fair, these are emu eggs. Each is the size of an avocado, and about twice as heavy. In comparison, free range chicken eggs at my local grocery store cost $5/dozen.


Anonymous said...

$100,000 to own 100 square feet! That's my favourite thing to tell people. I just don't like it when their reaction is disgust instead of awe.

Unknown said...

I hope you also explain to them how your $100k doesn't even actually buy 100 sq ft, but shares in a company that owns the 100 sq ft!

Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

My example is how the connects (especially Flatbush avenue) charge tax on weed. You know a city is expensive when your local purple haze distribution sales representative has to charge tax on nicks, dimes and gouges you on ounces claiming that the NYState closed a loophole that allowed him to claim bullets as an occupational related deduction.

Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

Emu how cheap...Ha that's for common folk...the I lost my retirement money in the stock market, I used to work Lehman now I can't find work other than a janitor NY'ers(and Robert DeNiro).

Whole Foods Tribeca...?? may as well gone to Whole Foods Bowery!

I shop for groceries at Whole Foods Columbus on the upper west side where I buy real eggs, literally! I get a dozen eggs direct from some woman's ovaries for $950 bucks. The best cheese eggs I've ever tasted!