Saturday, March 28, 2009

I ♥ Christian Radio

When I'm driving long distances I like listening to Christian talk radio. I've never been able to put my finger on what it is that I actually like about it because it's terribly repetitive. Christian radio seems to consist of endless slight variations on a simple theme: Jesus is coming, and you've been warned.

But just because it's repetitive doesn't mean it's not interesting. Here are some of my favorite shows.

Open Forum is a call-in show. My interest in Open Forum is due almost entirely to the fact that there is no escape from this show. When I tune in a Christian radio station, this show seems to be on.

Listen to the Christian radio Crypt Keeper speak.

Harold Camping is the host of Open Forum. His other claim to fame is being the oldest man on earth. Technically this may not be true, but he certainly sounds like the oldest man on earth.

The Bible Answer Man, Hank Hanegraff.

Hank the Bible Answer Man is a show hosted by Hank Hanegraaff. Its goal is to provided answers to questions that non-believers might pose to a believer. Evolution is a common topic. Hank has sired nine children. I find this fact to be a much more credible argument against "survival of the fittest" than his bible analysis.

It's almost like Ken Hamm purposefully tries to resemble a chimp.

Answers in Genesis with Ken Hamm. What makes Ken Hamm interesting is that he seems to be angry that science is used to perpetuate the sham of evolution.

If you are interested in evangelical Christian culture in the US, you might enjoy Daniel Radosh's book Rapture Ready. As David Rakoff said, this book is worth buying for the interview with Stephen Baldwin alone. That chapter left me literally in tears.


Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

OK, first you put a 30 minute clip of this show...dude I only made it through the first 8 seconds before I started to get sleepy.

But seriously Christian Radio... are you from the plains? Are you secretly a resident of TX or OK?

I'd rather you go Mormon.

Mom said...

This guy belongs on an embalming table or he was embalmed and it didn't take. How can you stand listening to him? He's a nut cake and his voice alone would drive me to be as nuts as he seem to be.

What has New york turned my son into?
You're grounded.

Kelley said...

Rather than preach the sham of evolution, Ken Hamm should remove the sham from his face.
[sham: a decorative covering]
Hamm must be covering up the fact that he really resembles an amoeba.
Clearly, the monkey is more evolved than the single-celled Hamm.