Friday, March 27, 2009

Community Service at Georgetown University

On Tuesday we went on a campus tour of Georgetown. I have to admit I wasn't all that impressed. The tour consisted of walking around the small campus while the tour guide said things like "having Jesuits in your classes adds a lot to the class" and "Georgetown really makes you grow", but didn't provide any examples of why or how.

(However, I was able to impress Kelley and her family with my knowledge of famous Georgetown alumnus Dikembe Mutombo. It's exceedingly rare for me to be able to share any sports knowledge with anyone, so the tour was valuable to me for that reason.)

But back to the tour. One of my complaints about the tour is we were taken into very few buildings. We were taken into was the student center, but even that was disappointing. The tour guide took us to see the student-run credit union. We couldn't see the library or a dorm room, but they'll show us a bank branch.

Hunger banquet at Georgetown University.

Across from the credit union was a small, community message board. A flier for a "hunger banquet" caught my attention. They weren't collecting food for hungry people. It was a feast featuring Korean food. The purpose is to increase awareness of hunger in North Korea and, I guess, to emphasize the tragedy by demonstrating how good their native food is.

And it reminded me of charity events like "golf for orphans" or "motorcycle across the country for veterans". It's a scam, isn't it? You get your friends and family to pay you to go out and do something you like. You get someone else to do the charity part while you have fun.


Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

I'm going to charity event next month called the Humpty Hump Banquet. The event is for the starving female Porn Stars across the world.

Seats are 1,000 and the menu consists of sex and dirty sex.

I'm asking all of my friends to sponsor me ASAP because there will only be a limited number of males that can attend to make enough room for the honored invited female pornstar guests.

(By the way...Thank your local Jesus that you left Karaoke before me & Jeff put that Digital Underground song to bed)

plumpdumpling said...

The purpose is not just to increase awareness of hunger in North Korea but to increase awareness and then mock it by filling up the bellies of rich, white folk. Mwahaha.