Monday, February 16, 2009

Strange Things Happen When You Listen to Pandora Long Enough

While I'm working on my computer I often listen to Pandora, which is an online music service. Pandora allows you to select an artist, and then Pandora will play songs from that and other similar artists. I don't know exactly how it goes about determining this, but it's been pretty reliable for me. Sometimes it will throw something a little odd in, but nothing like what I heard yesterday.

Pandora is an internet radio site.

I was listening to Fruit Bats, an indie/folk rock band. That a Bon Jovi song were to come on would be completely unexpected. But a cover of a Bon Jovi song performed by Alvin & The Chipmunks? I mean, a cover of a Bon Jovi song performed LIVE by Alvin & The Chipmunks.

In case you can't read the man's shirt, this is Bon Jovi.

Nothing against the song, or Bon Jovi. Back when musicians were required to cut the sleeves off their t-shirts before they were permitted to wear them in public, I liked Bon Jovi. I remember begging my mom to go to Boogie Records on September 13, 1988 to buy "New Jersey" for me so that when I got home from school I would be able to listen to it immediately. (Thanks Mom!)

Chipmunks 1981 and Chipmunks 2007

It would be one thing if it were a silly little novelty cover, but this version takes itself really seriously. The ostensible Alvin sings in a sultry way that makes the cover seductive in a way that the orignal just isn't. He also employs a Mariah Carrey-like vibrato.

Simon adds in ridiculously unnecessary guitar flourishes all over the place. How do I know the name of the guitar playing chipmunk? Because Alvin announces the guitarist by name (2:48) before he lets loose with a guitar solo that will remind you why that particular variety of musical interlude is no longer prevalent in popular music.

And, in true rock 'n roll fashion, Alvin ends with a hearty "Thank you! Goodnight!"

This was a truly bizarre interruption by Pandora.


Jack said...

I have one word for that: awesome

I wish my Pandora stations played some Alvin & the Chipmunks.

Anonymous said...

you're welcome Adam even though I do not recall that I took you to Boogie Records. I'm sure I did though since I was such a great Mom!