Thursday, January 8, 2009

My New Friend, Mr. Lobster Shack

Sometimes life in New York is odd. You're always seeing strangeness and incongruities. Like when a fellow subway rider is toting a chainsaw.

Hmm... Should I start with her head or with her feet?

However, at other times life here is really awesome. Today, some coworkers and I picked up lunch from the Urban Lobster Shack on Stone Street. This place just opened up, so they were trying to get some attention by bringing out a man-sized lobster!

Mr. Lobster Shack struck a humble and almost embarrassed pose for me.

There's something about a person dressed up in this sort of costume that always brightens my day. Unless it's a Disney character. Those costumes fill me with rage.

Unfortunately, my coworker's enthusiasm for Mr. Lobster Shack caused him to shake the camera.

Mr. Lobster Shack was so friendly to me. It was a very cold and windy afternoon. I asked him if he's warm enough. He said yes, and even let me touch his outfit to ease my worry that he was freezing.

I didn't like that he took his head off for me. It spoiled some of the magical fun. But he was smiling so big and seeming to have a good time - and he was definitely old enough to disgruntled and humiliated by the experience - that I forgive him.


Jack said...

So how would you feel if Mr. Lobster Shack one day became a Disney character?

Unknown said...

Mr. Lobster Shack is much too real for Disney.

Anonymous said...

You looked colder than Mr. Lobster Shack. Haven't I told you to keep a hat on in cold weather? No one listens to me, just no one!

Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

Dude just wait till your company makes you teach in a big red ball costume.

Anonymous said...

What the hell prompted the guy to take off his head?