Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Information Overload

In the fall I wrote about broadcasts that display entirely too much information on the screen at once. At the time, it looked like Hurricane Gustav might follow the same path as Katrina, so keeping weather-related information on the screen made some sense.

How many discrete pieces of information can you find?

But today nothing is going on! Still, Fox News Channel has 12 distinct blocks of information that are constantly changing, rotating, spinning, or otherwise moving. And in case there isn't enough to adequately stimulate your senses, each block has some sort of animated background or border.

Did you find all 12?

Norvartis, are you watching this? Your ads should be all over this broadcast like Pfizer's are Larry King Live.


Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

"The Overload Brown Rant Edition"

Adam I think you watch the "Sly Fox" network entirely too much.

They try to get you focused on looking at all the flashing & swirling lights then they brainwash you with right wing double talk & conspiracy theories.

Are you a right wing card carrying red conservative?

You do know if the RNC finds out that you're my "Honorary Brotha from anotha Mother" you'll get kicked out or worse assassinated.

Come home to MSNBC. Watch some Keith on Countdown or Rachel Maddow.

Granted they don't have anyone on the air with my skin tone but at least they do cut the republican spin. But seriously I give their Ass 6 months to get some brown on a show.

We can win the white house but can't get a little love on MSNBC
(And Adam before you say but what about all the brown in the LockUp series marathon, I'd like to warn you since you can't take a punch) see someone with my skin tone I'd have to watch Comedy Central's "Chocolate News" or CNN's "D.L. Hughley Breaks the News".

Speaking of CNN what's up with that...
Soledad O'Brien is Black and Campbell Brown is White...are they trying to confuse me?

Every single TV program on CNN has a webpage except for DL's show (his link just brings you back to the CNN programs home page.
What's next CNN?
The All New Don Imus show?

(I'm now hopping off my soapbox)
Rant has ended.

Unknown said...

NBC had Bryant Gumbel on white peoples' TV every morning for 15 years! And we're not talking about cable, broadcast television.

And I don't like watching Fox at all. Kelley lands on it from time to time. As horrible as Fox is, there is worse. Have you seen Half-Man Half-Tree?

Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

I just had to tell you that...You're my BFF!
(Sorry for getting sappy, I just saw the movie Marley & Me and I just can't stop getting all emotional)