Saturday, November 8, 2008

My neighborhood 99¢ store

The "99¢ store" is a common sight throughout the city. They are stores that are packed with all sorts of stuff, ostensibly for 99¢ or less. I call them junk stores, but they can be convenient. If you're looking for something and you have no idea where in the world you might be able to find it - such as a broken mirror - a 99¢ store is a good place to start.

My neighborhood isn't known for its math literacy.

Most people in New York seem to live within a block or two of at least one of these stores. I am no exception. Around the corner from where I live is one named "Good Luck 99¢, 79¢, 59¢ & Up". I wonder why they didn't simply name it "Good Luck 59¢ & Up". That would be in better accordance with Algebra's laws of inequality.

This item wasn't flying off the racks.

Earlier in the year, my local junk store was selling a broken mirror for $13.99. Surprisingly enough, this highly sought item remained in its prominent position just outside the front door for many weeks.


Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

First, just because you got your GED don't try to get all fancy with your 59c & up grocery store...some of us still need it spelled out (not me of course but other NY'ers),

Secondly, you my friend are an elitist! How can you make fun of folks that may not have enough money to buy a whole mirror. Sometimes people can only afford half or 2/3 of a mirror and I am proud that the store is providing merchandise for those struggling people.

Anonymous said...

First time poster.
Hi Adam, you´re a proud New Yorker.
And it´s good, the city is better if you compared NYC with others big cities in the country.
Your site is very good, i´d try to post most times.
Good luck.