Sunday, October 26, 2008

An idea whose time has not yet come

While watching MonsterQuest - Giant Killer Snakes, we saw a commercial for a new product called YOURS+MINE from K-Y. The commercial featured an annoyingly giddy couple sitting on a bed, repeatedly interrupting one another with excitement over their discovery.

The ad didn't explain what the stuff does, so I went to K-Y's website, which describes the product like this:

Introducing a revolutionary new product for couples called YOURS+MINE. It's chemistry, the human kind. He puts the purple on her. She puts the blue on his. And when they combine, there's an amazing reaction that we're too shy to tell you about. Explore it for yourselves. And get ready for something completely different.

The perfect product for couples who are completely indiscriminate when it comes to placing things on and in their genitals.

So let me get this straight: K-Y is selling a product that comes with two substances that can only be described by their color. I am supposed to put one of the substances on my genitals. My partner is supposed to put the other substance on her genitals. And K-Y is not going to tell me what is going to happen to us because they are too shy.

I think I'll pass.


Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

You suck, strap on a pair would ya!
The commercial has been around since last year where have you been? ..India perhaps.

The point is like you but the stuff all over your nub, and splash the other stuff all over her stuff and then Bam! You have a slippery warm time you won't forget with fireworks and a big explosion at the end.

Ok since we're talking bout you it won't be like a whole stick of dynamite explosion more like a firecracker and a sparkler type of ending.

ettible said...

Oh, funny you mention it–Roxanne was turning in an expense report today and was combing her huge receipt to make sure there weren't any items on it she'd be embarrassed for The Parent Company to know she buys. "Like K-Y Yours+Mine?" I asked. She pretended like she didn't know what I was talking about.