Thursday, August 7, 2008


Next to my subway stop there is a small grocery store. On the curb in front of the store there is usually a pile of trash bags leaking some foul, brown liquid into the street. The store's dumpster omits a stink that always brings to mind a lyric from Thriller: "The foulest stench is in the air, the funk of forty thousand years." In a city full of offensive odors, this is one that stands out as particularly vile. It is the super-concentrated smell of New York fermenting in the summer heat.

I always assumed the smell was that of rotting produce. During high school I worked in the produce department at a grocery store. Decomposing plant life is able to produce some incredibly horrible smells. Potatoes were the worst. Just the thought of that smell can make me shudder.

When will the protesters descend upon Brooklyn?

This morning the sinister truth behind the smell appears to have been revealed. There is an abortion clinic hidden at the back of the store.


ettible said...

What the hell kind of fetus is born wearing a collared romper? OR MISSING A LEG?

Unknown said...

I think anti-abortion activists saw the bodies and decided to dress them up in order to make a statement. It was lunchtime so they took a leg.