Saturday, August 23, 2008

Size Matters

Today was filled with items whose size didn't seem to be appropriate. First sight was a small infant with a large beverage.

New York pacifier

Kid's getting some serious nutrition. I'm not complaining. It kept him from crying. When his mom tried to move the cup a little so the kid wouldn't spill it all over himself, he started to scream his head off. As soon as he had both of his little hands firmly wrapped around the cup, his serenity returned.

Five-foot Fay provides perspective

My next oversized sighting was in Chinatown. People in New York use these collapsible carts to shuttle groceries from the store to their homes. A normal cart is about 3 feet tall. I'm not sure what you are supposed to transport in that thing.


ettible said...

This is why I know I'd suck at being a mother: I see a story about a kid screaming when he doesn't get his cup just the way he likes it, and all I can think is that had I been his mom, I would've snatched that thing away so fast and sucked it down right in front of him out of spite.

Also: am I the only person who doesn't own one of those carts? I still lug my bag of clothes to the laundromat by hand.

Unknown said...

But that same quality is what makes you such a great New Yorker. You would provoke your child into a screaming fit and then sit back and let your fellow subway passengers enjoy his tantrum.

ettible said...

All the while littering, blowing cigarette smoke in other people's faces, singing along to my iPod, and eating nothing but Pinkberry.

Unknown said...

I think you meant to write "singing along with my cell phone", or, if you're super-ghetto, "my CD player" (with external speakers).