Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Think of the children!

Normally I leave for work early enough that I miss rush hour. Today was a reminder of why I do that.

I was on a crowded F train as it approached 4th Ave, my stop. We weren't quite to the station yet, but the person next to me stood up so she could be closer to the door. A man standing in front of me was eying the seat, when a woman, from out of nowhere, slid in and took it. The man looked at her with annoyance and mumbled, "Excuse me."

I thought this was quite rude, but as the woman sat down and started to rub her like a conjuring sorceror I wondered if maybe she was pregnant. If so it was still rude, the way she slithered into the seat.

I stood up from my seat just at the train was stopping, but I hadn't noticed that the train was still in the tunnel. The F train has a tendency to stop in the tunnel just before it reached the 4th Ave station. It only stops for a moment before continuing to the station, so I decided to just keep standing.

I noticed a boy, maybe 10 or 11 years old, trying to squeeze into the seat I had just stood up in. Since the train was packed with people, I really couldn't move out of his way, so I didn't even try. The man who tried to get the seat next to me told the kid to wait until I moved; he was obviously the boy's father.

Then I heard a voice say, "Why don't you let the kid sit down? Why don't you move? He's just a little kid." I looked back and saw a tall woman staring at me. I asked her, "Where would you like me to move? This train is packed." Pointing to a space much too small for me to fit in, and in the opposite direction of the door, she said, "Right here."

I ignored her. She glared at me. The door opened one minute later.

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