Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stumbling Upon an Anachronism in Halifax

Today I arrived in Halifax. The cold, wind and grayness reminds me of a winter day along the Oregon coast. Downtown Halifax is cute with its narrow streets, colorful shops and small parks.

As I was walking down a street I noticed that it led to the waterfront. The closer I got I started to make out what looked like a historic district. And as I got closer still I saw that there were people in costumes. A lot of people in costumes. In fact, everyone was in costume, which seemed a little strange.

What's that I see at the bottom of this hill?

Outside of this area there were a few men in windbreakers standing around. There were a couple of police officers there too, which is not unusual to find at a busy tourist attraction.

Then I noticed the date 1867 on the archway that led to this area. The archway also read "San Francisco", which I also found odd.

This is quite a show they put on for the tourists.

I stood back for a few minutes to see if I could see anyone not in costume. I didn't see anyone, so I started to slowly approach the archway. I walked about 10 feet closer toward the archway and stopped again. Something didn't seem right. There were way too many people in costumes and they were all carry on as if it really were the 19th century.

As I prepared myself to walk closer someone finally asked me to step back. For a moment I was confused because this didn't look like any sort of film shoot I'd ever seen. First of all, there were no cameras. And from my experience with film crews in New York there are always numerous people running around with walkie-talkies acting like they are the most important people in the world.

If you look closely you can see the ropes in the upper-left hand corner of the picture.

I apologized and stepped back. I looked at the area again. This time I noticed the archway was being held up by some ropes. It was some sort of movie set. Feeling really stupid, I walked back to my hotel room, trying to take comfort in the fact that it did look a lot like San Francisco.

Comfort comes in many forms, fortunately one is the form of buttery bread.

That fact wasn't enough consolation for me. I had to order some Crazy Bread from Little Caesars.

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