Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The not-so-good parts of Chennai

Some of what I've seen in Chennai is exactly what I was expecting to see in India. A lot of people seem to just live on the streets on in the alleys. Men stop and relieve themselves on the streets. I even saw a woman do this.

I see a wall, but some see a toilet.

I have seen many new roads being built by men wearing no safety gear. They don't even wear shoes. Buildings are surrounded by wooden scaffolding that looks like something out of Gilligan's Island. When I mentioned this to Kelley she reminded me that it's probably safer than what we have in New York (a crane collapsed on the day I left for India).

The building in the lower-left has wooden, rope-bound scaffolding.

There are piles of rubble everywhere with people standing about. I don't know what that is all about. Sometimes there are groups of men standing around the rubble. They load the stones into wheelbarrows with their hands. Like the construction teams, none of the men are wearing shoes.

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