Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The good parts of Chennai

An Indian friend of mine had described Chennai to me as "the worst city in India" and as "the Detroit of India". My expectations were understandably low.

I have not seen very much of the city. The 45 minute drive from my hotel to the office where I am working is about all. When I was driven from the airport it was dark, so I wasn't able to see much then. I am here for work, and that never leaves much time for sightseeing.

I am pleasantly surprised by the city. I see a lot of trees, many with brightly colored flowers growing on them.

The streets are clogged with people walking or riding in 2, 3 and 4 wheeled vehicles. Billboards and signs are everywhere, reminding me of Times Square. Small food shacks sell food that looks tasty (but like in Mexico City I don't want to risk getting sick by eating it). I wouldn't describe a lot of American cities as feeling "alive", but I would describe Chennai in this way.

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uvberot said...

u should try going to the older parts of Chennai like The central railway station, mount road etc. to reall FEEL chennai..or Madras