Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dogs + Armor = Fun

I didn't think I liked dogs, but then I realized I just had never seen one dressed up in armor. Pitbull Armory makes armor for humans and animals.

Fortunately I don't know many pit bulls, but one lives in our building. His name is pronounced "Cane". I don't know how his teenage owner spells it, but I know how his owner came up with the name.

One day Kelley was riding the elevator up with the dog and his owner. The following conversation actually took place (including Kelley's awesome late-80s rap reference):

Kelley: What's your pit bull's name.
Owner (with obvious pride): Cane!
Kelley: Cane? Like "candy cane" or "Big Daddy Kane"?
Owner: No! Like cocaine!
Kelley (with rolling eyes): Come on...

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