Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wine and whine

My flight from Strasbourg to Paris departed around 11 am, so I wasn't in a big hurry in the morning. I wanted to get Kelley a souvenir. The woman at the front desk of the hotel recommended I go to Auchan, a huge local grocery store.

This store was really big, the size of a Walmart. They had such an enticing selection of salamis and other dried meats. If I return to Haguenau I am going to find out if it is legal to bring those back to the US, because they looked good.

Two bottles of wine from Alsace.

The store had the largest wine selection I think I have ever seen. Two long grocery aisles were packed with wine. Since I don't drink wine I picked a couple of bottles from Alsace that looked good (meaning they had nice labels).

On my way out of the store I bought a soft pretzel from a bakery at Auchan. At the same time I was starting to get really sick of hearing the song 1973 by nasally, whiny James Blunt. The song was playing on the radio at the store. I hadn't heard the song before this trip, but it seemed like it was on the radio once an hour. When I got to my car it was playing, and when I got inside the airport it was playing again!

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