Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A public restroom user speaks out

Since he pleaded guilty there is no need to refer to Senator Larry Craig as an alleged pervert. He has legally admitted it. I don't believe that homosexual acts are perverted, but wanting to have anonymous sex in a public restroom while people are using the bathroom is perverted. (Actually having anonymous sex in that kind of environment is perverted and completely disgusting.)

His denials are just outrageous. Read the police report. The senator pretty much followed the script for soliciting anonymous gay sex in an airport restroom. I wonder what the statistical likelihood is that his actions were actually misconstrued. If Larry Craig is to believed, he had some pretty unbelievably bad luck that night.

Are we seriously supposed to believe that a man who has been a member of Congress since 1980 didn't fully comprehend what he was doing when he entered a guilty plea? He has been writing laws for more than 25 years, yet he doesn't understand such a fundamental part of the legal process?

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