Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Say What?

These days we have way too many passwords for various systems and websites we use. Some systems have password rules that are so complex that it is difficult to come up with - let alone remember - a password.

Today I found Random Password Generator. This site allows you to enter various rules (number of characters, if numbers should be included, etc) and it generates a password for you.

What's your pleasure?

It also includes a phonetic guide to help you say the password. For example, xEFr&e is pronounced "x-ray - ECHO - FOXTROT - romeo - Ampersand - echo". How is ECHO pronounced differently from echo?

And don't say "it's louder".


Eric said...

I think it's louder...

Jack said...

Pretty sure it's louder

plumpdumpling said...

Definitely louder.

Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

It's always been the rule to write phonetic case sensitive.
I'm not sure why since the whole purpose is for speech?

I guess it's one of those enigmas that we'll never have an answer for like "Why does swiper keep swiping Dora the Explorer's shyt?"
Maybe the answer is because he lives in the Bronx!