Saturday, March 14, 2009

Whole Foods Outdoes Itself

The other day I wrote about $30 eggs at Whole Foods in Tribeca. This morning I noticed that $30 emu eggs no longer get their own display. Now they share display space with an even more expensive egg. Gentle readers, I present the $40 egg!

Ostrich eggs are available in your choice of glossy or matte finish.

Ostriches are the largest bird in the world, and they also lay the largest eggs. Each ostrich egg weighs approximately 3 lbs. Chickens are the most numerous bird in the world. Each chicken egg weighs around 2 oz. Assuming a dozen chicken eggs can be bought for $4:
  • Ostrich eggs cost $13.33/lb
  • Chicken eggs cost a little less than $2.75/lb.
  • An ostrich egg has the equivalent weight of 24 chicken eggs.
  • An ostrich egg has the equivalent cost of 120 chicken eggs.
  • Pound-per-pound, a chicken egg is 1/5 the price of an ostrich egg.
That last comparison is the most interesting to me. It makes me think the price isn't so outrageous. I was almost tempted to buy one with my tax return.

Then I thought about what I'd do after cracking it open. I would be looking at a bowl filled with the equivalent of more than 2 dozen cracked chicken eggs. That's way too much egg to try to use up before it goes bad.

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Thin Crust - TX Chuck said...

Hey Akon,
What the Fu?k is your fascination with these damn eggs!

Do you have some sick kind of egg fetish? Is that what you're into now? You went from being into bondage to this!

Lord have Mercy. Either buy one or go back to buying C Grade Medium eggs from the bodega on the corner.
But either way... please stop standing in this guy's store taking pics of eggs like you come from a third world country.