Saturday, March 7, 2009

Unlikely Combinations

Cable television is full of unlikely combination, and last night I saw one: Al Roker and heroin.

Al, before his surgical diet.

In case you don't who Al Roker is, his main claim to fame is being the weather presenter for NBC's morning talk show, Today. But he's also known for losing over 100 lbs after undergoing gastric bypass surgery. And for writing some books about food.

A dog eating Al's genitals.

Al Roker seems like a pleasant and cheerful man. Pleasant and cheerful men report on the temperature in Nashville. They report on great places to get barbeque in the midwest. When pleasant and cheerful men report on topics that are unpleasant or do not warrant cheerfulness, well, then what's the point?

Al Roker's "serious reporter" face.

If the picture that is used in the ad is any indication, it appears that Al is now hosting some sort of serious news-ish program on MSNBC. I hope that I'm wrong.

Is Al going to make heroin fun again?

Has NBC hasn't already forgotten what happened to Katie Couric when she got all serious? Al needs to play to his strengths. Heroin can be goofy and silly, somehow, probably. And if it can, I'm sure he's just the man to make it so.

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