Saturday, September 27, 2008

Monkey business

About halfway to Agra we stopped for lunch. There were two men with four animals in the parking lot.

I thought snakes only did this in cartoons.

First were the snakes. One of the men did the snake-charmer thing from the cartoons. It was a little disappointing that the tune he played wasn't the usual snake-charmer song. (If you want to hear the tune he was playing, you can watch a video I took.)

The other snake was available for photo ops. I didn't really want to hold the snake, but nobody else in my group wanted to, so I did.

I don't know what the monkey on the stick was supposed to be doing.

Then came the two monkeys. One was naked and had what I think was supposed to be a fancy mustache drawn on his face. The other was dressed in girl's clothes and had what I guess was supposed to look like makeup. It really looked like an ugly baby who had gotten into her mom's makeup. Or maybe a really low-rent drag queen.

Seeing the monkeys was fun, but I felt sorry for them for being on display for the amusement of tourists.

The man had the monkey jump up on my shoulders. It was a strange feeling to have a wild animal crawling around on me, but I must admit it wasn't an altogether unpleasant one. The downside was that I smelled like a monkey for the rest of the day.


ettible said...

The real downside for the rest of us is that you ALWAYS smell like monkey.

I really, really hate monkeys, and I feel like the whore one would've made me puke on sight.

Unknown said...

To be fair, I don't ALWAYS smell like monkey. I only smelled that way once, and that was because I was purposefully wearing monkey-scented perfume in an attempt to make a point.

What kind of person hates monkeys? My dad used to have a pet spider monkey who would throw his own feces out of its cage. Even he loves monkeys!