Friday, August 22, 2008

Where can I Catch the Dowtown Train?

Misspelled signs are plentiful in New York. I consider it to be a perfect example of the apathy you encounter here. In New York, you can go to a sign maker and ask for a sign that reads "Mike's Auto Garrage", and the sign maker will be happy to make you the sign, misspelled word and all, no questions asked.

I'm all for correct spelling, unless it means a fare hike.

Today I saw a misspelled word in the Fulton Street subway station. The MTA misspelled "downtown".


ettible said...

You and I both know that the people who ride the JMZ don't deserve to have their directional signage proofread.

Unknown said...

True. That is where a woman publicly humiliated me by calling me a "white boy" and instructing me to "bite [her] ass".