Thursday, March 20, 2008

Delicious food

Indian cuisine is not my favorite, but this trip has definitely changed my attitude regarding it. Most of the food I ate was delicious. Aloo benazeer (skewered potatoes) and tandoor gobi (spicy cauliflower) were my favorites.

Aloo benazeer

On one of my flights they served kheema murthaba, kozhi melagu varuval, and molagapodi kuzhi paniyaram. I'm not exactly sure what all was in each, but they were all very good.

Tandoor gobi

For lunch some of the people from training are taking me to the food court in the building where their office is located. The food court was filled with fast food places.

The food was good, but surprisingly greasy. That made for a big mess because the Indians eat with their hands. Eating dosas that way makes a lot of sense to me, but not rice dishes. It seems like a spoon would be easier.

Fast food dosa

Mostly I ate at the Indian restaurants, but there was a Pizza Hut and KFC that I tried. They were both ok. There was also a Subway which I didn't try. Vinodh and Rocky (two of the students from the class I was teaching) tried it and literally threw it away after one bite.

Garlic naan

Indians don't drink very much. The drinks that were served were even smaller than those I got in Europe. The cup sizes range from that dixie cup to child-size drink in the US. Like in Europe, they don't tend to use ice cubes. Rocky gave me his Pepsi, which did have ice in it. The Indians were surprised by how quickly I could drink something so cold. They have to drink icy drinks very slowly.

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