Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday driving in Alsace

I asked the woman at the front desk if she had any suggestions for sight-seeing. She handed me a stack of tourist information. The museum commemorating the Maginot Line looked interesting, and not very far away, but it was closed for the season (had I been in town 1 week earlier...). Most of the other items were small towns nearby and shopping.

I decided to drive to Karlsruhe, a city in Germany that was about 45 minutes away from Haguenau. As I drove the street was lined with forests. I decided to pull over to take in the beauty the of area.


I noticed this sign near the place I pulled over. The sign has warnings in French, German and English. I had stumbled upon a shooting range. It takes 4 words to express the danger in English, 3 words in French, but only 1 word in German. There is actually a German word that means "high risk of fatality".

All roads lead to Lebensdefahr.

This is the road that leads to the firing range and its associated LEBENSDEFAHR!

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