Sunday, November 18, 2007

Leaving Mexico City

Looking out the windows in the elevator lobby.

I got up very early to pack, check-out of my room and get a cab. As I went to the lobby to check-out I took a picture of the sunrise. You can barely see the two mountains in the distance.

Traffic was light, both on the roads getting to the airport and the lines inside the airport. I had plenty of time before my flight left to get some breakfast.

Huevos a la diabla

I found a sit-down restaurant and ordered huevos a la diabla (a tortilla topped with scrambled eggs topped with a slightly spicy brown sauce).

Two fat, pink-colored men were seated next to me at the restaurant. They both speak with the same southern American accent. One is wearing a NYPD t shirt. He asks the waitress using the kind of loud voice normally reserved for the deaf and retarded, "Do you have a menu in American?"

I can't judge too harshly because at one point during the week I did ask someone about speaking "Mexican". I quickly corrected myself, but that's what happens when I make too many jokes about something. "Agreeance" entered my vocabulary the same way, and that word sneaks out sometimes too.

The airport is full of duty-free stores, so many that it is hard to understand the point. Ignoring the quantity of these stores, the prices don't seem very good. $20 for a bottle of tequila? In Mexico? I don't like it, but I remember buying some in Tijuana for $5 per bottle.

And in case you couldn't find what you were looking for in the airport, the flight attendants come though the plane trying to sell duty free goods. Nobody is interested and the flight attendant looks slightly humiliated by having to hawk goods on the plane.

Or is it more humiliating to the passengers? Do they subject the first class passengers to this? I didn't have a chance to find out because I did not get an upgrade on my return flight. That was fine. I got the upgrade when I really needed it.

I was really looking forward to having 2 consecutive nights of sleep in my own bed. I was very happy to get back to New York. I appreciate the travel opportunities my job has presented me with, but the travel is also incredibly exhausting.

Senorita Taffeta

When I got back to the apartment I gave Kelley her chocolate, which she liked a lot. I also gave Taffeta a little sombrero. I was amazed that she humored us by wearing the hat long enough to get some pictures.

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