Monday, November 5, 2007

La Cloche a Fromage

When we entered La Cloche a Fromage the smell of cheese was so strong. In the entrance was this huge cheese bell (la cloche a fromage). It is the largest in the world, according to Guinness (they even had a certificate to prove it).

The cheese bell

I ordered a 3 course meal. The starting plate I selected was a Munster. I was expecting the mild cheese called Munster in the US. This cheese was very stinky, not in a way that I like. I forced myself it eat it. It was soft and slightly sweet. The taste was nothing like the smell, but the smell was so strong it was hard to ignore. And it was covered in caraway seeds, adding to my displeasure.

My second plate

The second plate I selected was a selection of 11 varieties of cheese from 7 families. At least that is what the menu claimed. I liked half of them (the mild, tangy cheeses and the hard, salty ones), and disliked the rest (the stinky, soft, sweet ones).

The terrific rolls

They were about 12 varieties of freshly baked bread in baskets. A diner could help himself to whichever he wanted. They were all delicious, but I think the red wine bread was my favorite. It had some sort of tangy pieces of fruit (or something) in it. It is the the bread in the upper lefthand corner of this picture. The others are onion, beer and sesame. Delicious all!

Here I am with the cheese bell.

The dessert I chose was a delicious apple tart. Dining is a leisurely activity in Europe, so it was not unusual that we did not leave the restaurant until 11:00 pm. On our way out I asked one of my friends to take a picture of me with the cheese bell. Since the restaurant was preparing to close for the night, the cheese inside was covered with cloth.

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